Stem Cell Therapy

About Stem Cell Therapy

The emerging field of technology and treatment of producing new cells to replace damaged cells as a mechanism to treat disease and injury is known as stem cell therapy.

Degeneration or aging of the human body is a natural process and creates most of the illnesses people obtain in their lifetimes — including joint and back pain. Currently, most doctors focus on managing patients’ symptoms and NOT curing the patient’s condition. Regenerative medicine is the process of trying to restore and prevent the deterioration of aging or injury within the human body.

Current diseases, including osteoarthritis and joint conditions, arise from the loss of specific cell types in the body. Stem cells are a key component of regenerative medicine because they open the door to new clinical applications and therapies. Through a process called differentiation, stem cells have the ability to develop into many different types of cells.

About Different Types of Stem Cells

Researchers are studying a variety of stem cells, including adult and embryonic stem cells. Each type of stem cell has unique qualities, with some being more versatile than others.

Adult stem cells develop from various tissues in the human body. Adult stem cells are referred to as multipotent cells meaning they can develop into multiple cell types, but not ALL cell types in the human body.

Embryonic stem cells are developed from pre-implantation embryos and are unique because they can develop into ALL cellular types and tissues in the body. Embryonic stem cells also self-renew indefinitely. Regenerative medicine therapies begin with the patient’s own cells that are reprogrammed in a laboratory to give them certain characteristics, and delivered back to the patient to treat their specific condition.

What is Bone Marrow Aspirate?

The process in which the doctor removes your own body’s bone marrow stem cells and directs them into a FDA approved device before injecting the cells into an injured site with ultrasound guidance is known as bone marrow aspirate (BMA). The stem cells work directly at the site of injury or degenerative tissue to increase healing exponentially.

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