Anatomic Facet Replacement System

Degenerative disc disease is a common disorder that causes chronic back pain. Currently, very few surgical procedures are available to relieve discomfort from severe back pain while preserving spinal motion.

Dr. Regan's private practice is one of a few selected surgeons who are participating in Food and Drug Administration clinical trials for Anatomic Facet Replacement System (AFRS™), a treatment that preserves normal motion and is an alternative to lumbar spinal fusion for lumbar spinal stenosis patients.

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Anatomic Facet Replacement System

Degeneration of the facet joints often leads to spinal stenosis and as the degeneration continues, many patients require surgery to regain spinal stability and obtain relief from pain. A common surgical treatment is the removal of bone from the affected area followed by a spinal fusion, which limits normal motion.

The Anatomic Facet Replacement System (AFRS) is a treatment that preserves normal motion and is an alternative to lumbar spinal fusion for lumbar spinal stenosis patients. Learn more about this study.

Lateral Access Surgery

Lateral access is a safe and reproducible means of addressing certain spine disorders with an approach from the side of the patient, as opposed to an approach from the back (posterior) or the front (anterior). A lateral (side) approach is made safe with the use of nerve monitoring technology (NeuroVision® from NuVasive,® Inc.).

A New Avenue for Treatment

xlif procedure los angeles, spine surgery los angeles, spine surgeon los angeles, california laternal interbody fusion, los angeles spine fusionThe XLIF® (eXtreme Lateral Interbody Fusion) procedure provides relief to patients who cannot tolerate a larger, open back surgery because of the increased risks of longer anesthesia time, blood loss, hospitalization, and recovery. It is also a less invasive alternative for patients who have lived with back or leg pain through years of various failed treatments, including steroid injections, physical therapy, and pain medication.

The XLIF® procedure includes the use of NeuroVision®, a technologically advanced nerve monitoring system (EMG), allows the surgeon to have accurate, reproducible,real-time feedback about nerve health, location, and function, reducing the incidence of nerve injury during surgery. Click here to read more about the XLIF procedure.

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